Amélie is a caring, sweet, kind and lovely girl. She can always be trusted and once you meet her you will find an amazing friend! She works hard but is always up for a laugh. Amélie is a little diamond!
Amélie was excited to get her dog.
by #watermelon June 14, 2019
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(Amelie) is the best friend you could ever have, you could trust her with your soul. She is so funny, she’ll leave you rolling around on the floor screaming with laughter. She’s worth giving up so much, she’s so loving, kind and amazing. She
makes friends easily and once you have been friends for a while you never want to let go. She deserves the world so never let her down. Amz is THE best friend ❤️
Girl 1: Amelie is awesome

Girl 2: I know right, she’s my best friend
by LillsBills! December 01, 2019
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Amélie's are usually a name for a girl with courage, bravery and beauty. An Amélie will always be open to having new friends, and going on new adventures. Normally, Amélie's will have brown hair and blue eyes. As mysterious as Amélie's can be, once you get to know them, you won't have regretted becoming their friend. Amélie's will normally want to keep away from the "popular group" and all other drama as it doesn't matter to them. And wether they know it or not, there are a lot of looks that come their way, but not in the bad way, but good. They'll always find a way to get you to laugh or to smile. That is, if they can trust you. They won't go easy on the ones they don't trust. And sometimes, they might seem like they're "perfect" and all, but really, all they need is someone to have a shoulder to cry on. Everyone misjudges Amélie's as they are so mysterious that she seems like something else at first sight. So if you know an Amélie, give her a helping hand and never lose her. That goes for a relationship too. She doesn't really have too much confidence in her looks sometimes, so remind her. Because if you ever get an Amélie as a friend, you'll never want to lose her...
Guy 1: "Wow, she looks really brave and confident! She must be an Amélie!"
by Amy_2245 January 28, 2020
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A beautiful women with blue eyes and is actually quite hot.
There is a boy in class that doesn't love her but wants to get closer to her. Description of her: blue eyes and sexy.
The boy (one day): Hey Amelie read my definition of you on Urban dictionary
Amelie: Ok
The boy; I mean everything in there
by ballsucker28 October 03, 2017
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Young lass with a passion for edamane and Bob Dylan ; future founder of tealand
That is some grim ol' lad! He ain't nothin' like an Amelie
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Amelie is a very sweet and loving person. She is very pretty even when she doesn’t realize it. She is very funny and has a great sense of humor. Amelie can have a low self esteem due to people abusing her trust. She is very outgoing and over all a very sweet and loving person. Once Amelie finds a boyfriend she will give him everything she has. She will be there for you even when you don’t want her to. No matter the circumstances she will be supporting you. If you have an Amelie in your life, be grateful and never let her go.
Who is that?

Oh that’s Amelie.
No wonder she is so gorgeous and funny.
by ilovejesus2.0 November 26, 2019
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