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Alyzae is an acquired taste of a person. She can be clueless to your feelings and emotions. This makes her rather difficult and confusing because she never really follows what's going on. She can be a petty ass hat. She teases you a lot, and loves to make you laugh...even if its not always the nicest form of humor. Now lets say you get past her faults. Alyzae is as creative and funny as a person can be. She has the capability to make your day just by being there. She's crazy and passionate about what she believes in. She holds tight to her opinions, and has a strong sense of justice. She knows what she wants, and if she wants it enough, she will put forth the determination and effort required to get it. But, though she may seem all smiles and joy on the outside, she has very strong feelings of sadness and depression. Alyzae loves to make the world think she is fine, carefree and always cheerful, but she has many emotional issues. She can be saved from these by a constant, whether its a lover or just a really close friend. These people will bring light into her otherwise dark heart and soul, and she will show her true colors.She is not a fan of cowardice and dishonesty, though she tends to have these traits herself. She urges you to be upfront and truthful, to her if not everyone else. She is an extremely loyal friend, and will do anything for her friends, no matter how it may affect her.
John: I wish I had a girl like Alyzae.

Rob: Same she seems so sick!
by alexissmochii November 11, 2018
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shes a fake ass bitch she can suck a dick she also reps bloods and crips and the same time πŸ’€ she think she thick an cute but she’s a donkey with more body hair & facial hair than big foot πŸ’€
Man , Alyzae gets on my nerves πŸ’€
by skaloqls December 17, 2018
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