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The dominant bitch in a group of women. Similar in concept to an alpha wolf. Usually one can tell at a glance by how she acts and because the lesser bitches are deferring to her.
Guy #1: Damn, that chick is hot!
Guy #2: Naw, man, that's the alpha bitch. She'll have your dick in a jar in 30 seconds.
Guy #1: Tru dat.
by Aristoi June 25, 2004
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She thinks she is one hell of a gal. She thinks she rules it all. No one can bring her down because in her mind she never loses or is ever wrong. She fights dirty and cheats to win. She will disown family, friendship and any intimate relationship to be selfish. Often found on the internet where she can hide the truth and hold multiple relations at once. Majority of the time, AlphaBitch is melodramatic. You will need psychic or psychological skills to truly understand her.

Also goes by nicknames of Alpha, Alphalicious, Mrs. Kickass.
AlphaBitch is a fake, manipulative, selfish and lonely female who manipulates situations and people to get what she wants.
by tmutopcat January 05, 2011
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1. A female that gets off on being a bitch to everyone.

2. A woman who everyone finds bossy and overbearing.

3. A chick that's freakin' pushy and needs a good cock sandwich; or strap-on treatment.
Janie's getting on everyone's nerves. Seriously, what the fuck?
-That's all right. She's an AlphaBitch so what do you expect?
by nappyheadedcracker January 14, 2011
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the mind of a teen girl (no offense ladies) works similar to that of a wolves. in a pack of wolves there is always and alpha.
in a group of girls(cliques or bitch packs, guys be warned; do not interfere with the workings of bitch packs), there is the alpha bitch, usually the hottest and the biggest bitch, but not the dumbest bitch. she will surround herself with girls who are stupider(easier to control) and uglier than her, as to prop herself up by comparison, she will hate on other hot girl and walk around like a fucking queen.
in a pack of wolves if you attack the alpha or try to leave the pack the pack will kill you.
if you insult the alpha bitch,either by saying something, or trying to break off Ur friendship with her(leaving th pack), they will socially kill you, make you a loser.
this occurs even in cliques of 3 people, believe me, I've witnessed this shit happening, srsly guys, don't fuck around with bitch packs, shit like sorority row will happen.
i've seen alpha bitches fight and call each other cunts and shit b/cuz of their hottness, i've seen the alpha bitches control there friends, and turn there boy friends into their servant bitches.

see bitch, brittany, cliques, or bitch pack
girl 1:"hey did you see *girl2*'s hair style, it pretty.z"
alpha: "ugh, she such a cunt!"
(true story)

guy1:"dude, that chick so hot!"
guy2:"do you want to be anally fucked? and turned into a slave bitch?"
guy1:" um.... what?"
guy2:"alpha bitch dude.... alpha bitch."

girl1:"hey *alpha bitch*..... i don't rlly wanna be your friend anymore."
alpha:" WHAT!?.... oh, ok then...."
(next day *girl1* finds all her secrets posted on*alpha*'s Facebook wall, and a new album full of her dirty pics of her on fb too)
by hell if you should know July 19, 2010
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One hell of a gal. She rules it all. No one can bring her down and anyone who tries gets taken out in the process. She doesn't fight dirty though. All's fair in a war with her, but you better come armed with some serious intelligence or you won't stand a chance.
AlphaBitch is a born leader.
by Alphalicious November 10, 2009
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This phrase, first used in Panama City, FL in the year 2010, describes a female of the humanoid class that does not participate in drama and/or slutty activities (i.e., sleeping with best friend's boyfriend, talking behind friend's backs, trying to "steal" a boy from another girl, etc.) and still is liked by a large percent of the population. Catty weapons are not needed as this creature has no natural predators. In the event that someone is stupid enough to provoke an alpha-bitch, usually fists or the could shoulder will be used, depending on the severity of the situation. The name covers an informal group, unlike a gang or clique, but simply a group of similar people who do not even necessarily know each other, but share similar characteristics-- like in a species. Considering that this is a small minority group, it does appear as though these people have a higher evolutionary development. Some characteristics of these girls may or may not be present:
*Dyeing of hair to a different color at home
*Cutting one's own hair
*Using words such as(but not limited to) "bomb", "killer" and "beast", but not in their original definitions.
*Eating Chinese food on a regular basis.
Alayna: Angela, that girl over there is talking so much smack about us. What are you gonna do?
Angela: Are you kidding? I'm an alpha-bitch. I'm gonna walk away and not give her any satisfaction.
Alayna: Damnnn. Me too.
by angelaamor22 December 20, 2010
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