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Alosexual, pronounced : (AY) - (LOW) - (SEXUAL)
Someone who is not attracted to any gender. Or anything. Mentally or physically.
However, unlike Asexuals they do enjoy Sexual pleasure. Preferably alone though.
Their colors are black. The color of loneliness. Most people feel bad for them, but they prefer being solitary.

The Alosexual Symbol is a black circle, that is split horizontaly.

Do not confuse Alosexual with Demi or Asexual
Alosexual has no physical or mental attraction to anything. They do enjoy sexual pleasures. Preferably alone. An Alosexual will date males or females if they choose to date. There is no such thing as an Alosexual who chooses to date, and is only interested in dating one gender.

Asexuals have no physical attraction, but they do have mental attraction and no interest in sexual pleasures at all. Very different from the Alosexual.

Demisexuals are diffirent from Alosexuals because demisexuals do get attracted, it just takes them a long time to fall in love. Alosexuals are never attracted, and they can fall in love any moment.
An Alosexual would rather raise a child alone through an egg donor or sperm donor or adoption and etc, than have a partner to have sex with and have a child and be together with. They do not want a partner, they do not desire a partner, they want to be alone.

Alosexual basically in a nutshell
If they choose to date, they will date either gender
They are not attracted to either gender mentally or physically
So most of the time they choose not to date
They CAN fall in love, but prefer being solitary. They usually don't fall in love due to not being around anyone to fall in love with. They do not desire it.
They prefer living life alone without a companion. This doesn't make them heartless. Different from celibacy because they have no attractions to anything and they do not choose to be this way.
by Sswayer July 12, 2015
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To be without sex.
Keisha decided to alosexual after she was infected with HIV.
by Thyck December 11, 2003
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