1 definition by Leila CM

Sexiness overload in a creature walking the earth. Half man half sex god that charms all the girls. Usually doesn't give a fuck or overthinks too much (it's rare to have things in between). Knows EVERYTHING about sex, rarely single (usually taken by hot girls and even when he is taken he usually has a bunch of other girls fantasizin about him) Usually super hot and attractive and someone lots of man would go gay for. Alons are mostly cool and super chill and about half of the time super popular.

Alons usually come from Israel.

Also someone u can usually get some dope from.
1. Let's ask Alon how many girls he banged today.

2. Alon is so hot and attractive I would go gay for him if he would love me back.

3. Yo wanna ask Alon for some relationship advice?

4. Alon gave me all this weed 2 days ago.
by Leila CM February 19, 2016