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A very smart and beautiful girl who will definitely achieve all her dreams if she puts her head for it. She is prepared for anything. Get in her way or intentionally try to hurt her, and she will lash back 10 times stronger. She is a very passionate person and believes in the little things like just small acts of kindness. She is loved by all and is very pretty. She's unique and true to herself. She surrounds herself with the ones who care about her most.

She might even be what some people say "the perfect one". For all her positive traits, selfless kindness, clever wits, pretty features, and not recognition-seeking attitude, she is definitely a special kind of girl. For that, people tend to get jealous and try to break her. But it won't work,for every time she gets knocked down, she'll only get back up stronger.
"Look at that girl, Almer, she's definitely quite something, huh?"
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by EleaSamantha March 14, 2017
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A boy who will go to an International school and he likes sushi, he is half Japanese and half Dutch. he has two brothers.
This is almer
by Person212 April 04, 2019
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Derogatory inernet gaming term meaning a nutless lamer.
That fucking almer stole my kill!
by ArchAngel December 14, 2003
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Cool, Handsome and Smart. Always gets pretty girlfriends and Almer is very very very very extremely hot and sexy.
He’s very Almer
by Genidi123 December 29, 2018
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