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Alliyah is a girl. A caring girl and friend who will be their for you in hard times. She stands up for the weak and for her friends. She is one amazing person. Very loving, nice and sweet. She can make you happy and she is very uplifting. She's also very goofy and funny. Her witty humor gets anyone laughing. As well as her cringey self can make you laugh. She's pretty energetic but it's funny to watch her do her thang. She is open minded and smart. She is special and people see it but she doesn't. She says she's a potato but she isn't she's a sweet little unforgettable thing. She will get you star struck. She's just that amazing. She's a very interesting person. She likes to do fun things because she's very active and she is athletic. She has an amazing smile, laugh, heartwarming voice and is overall one of the prettiest girls you'll ever meet. She's slim n thic. She's pretty curious and is pretty nosy but that is her way of knowing how to help you. She's very loyal to her friends and overall the good people she knows. She's not bad but she can be. She can be an ass but she's got just the right amount of asshole in here so it's not excessive.
by _.xx._boi_.xx._ January 20, 2018
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An Alliyah is a very pretty young girl with light brown or hazel eyes, and dark hair, usually mixed race with more than two ethnicities. She is thought to be that quite intelligent, but not school wise, but she knows what she wants she just needs help getting there, she is loyal, independent, strong lover, caring, bubbly, loves to laugh, loves making other people laugh, intelligent, cautious, and always sees the best in people, which then leads her in to getting hurt sometimes.

I would like to be an Alliyah.
by $£@11!y@h$£ February 09, 2017
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a smart and pretty girl , who has huge eyes, usual a light or dark brown. Alliyahs tend to be friendly and not judgemental; they also love to laugh.
That girl is an Alliyah!
by gemini1997 August 02, 2011
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Alliyah is a really pretty girl. She has light blue eyes or green. She is verry independent and lounge. Family always comes first with her. She is such a germaphobe. She also has many fears because she does not know what people are capable of and that scares her the most. She is constantly laughing and loves to make other people laugh. She has a big additude problem that tends to get her introuble. Don't throw fire at her because you will get burnt!!!!
by Lia206 September 21, 2017
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Really cool and pretty, often mistaken for a beluga whale. Brown eyes and brown hair, and likes the 1975
Alliyah is a beluga whale ;)
by Panic!atthe1975horizon May 18, 2016
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