"A dark place" is a mysterious plane of existence only accessed by youtubers filming apology videos. Common symptoms of being in a "dark place" include grooming minors, getting into drama for clout, playing the victim and overall scumfuckery.

A person in a dark place might say the following:
"I didn't want to make this video"
"I'm sorry you feel that way"
"Hold up lemme get my pet in frame for pity points"
"When I was ten my goldfish died It's okay for me to kill people"
"I'm sorry I skinned all remaining Bengal Tigers alive in my latest video. I was in a dark place when I filmed that three days ago."
"If you want to buy the merch I'm wearing the link is in the description below"
by Crackhead Professor January 21, 2022
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Used to describe an acute exaggerated feeling of anxiety, angst, or distress. Often, but not exclusively, used by pretentious people who want to act as though they are going through a deep emotion ordeal.
Karen: "Omg you guys, I was in such a dark place after I John broke up with me. All I could do was watch Netflix and post pictures to Insta for the next 24 hours."
by Jaarken April 4, 2020
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The type of place you are at when you're hungover. This can be either physically or mentally.
"How was last night? Good, I'm in a dark place today" This could mean physically in a dark room to avoid any light other than the TV. Or, this could mean the state of mind "dark place" due to the preceding black out from last night. Usually, this is used to express both physical and mental darkness .
by Keo123 January 28, 2017
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The place a person goes after enduring an enormous disappointment or loss. An emotional funk. Depression of unbearable proportion.
Dude: "What's your problem today?"
Other dude: "I'm in my dark place since Mary broke my heart."
Dude: "Quit being such a crybaby."

Campaign worker: "I'll be in my dark place for a long time if the Republicans win."
by frothing November 2, 2009
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1. The dark area/place of youtube is a place where you can never come back from. It can ruin your mind. It is usually found in some form of searching youtube using links or videos linked to a youtube video that was the only and/or specific video you meant to watch.

2. The place of youtube that is most desirable place of youtube. It is usually like an unwanted desire. This is a place you may never come back from. This is a place that your parents usually find you at when they walk into your bedroom on a Friday night.
1. The dark area/place of youtube is a place you can never come back from. I have just entered the dark place of youtube. The dark place of youtube trapped me in my room again. The dark place of youtube took over my life. The dark place of youtube ruined my childhood memories. The dark place of youtube ruined my mind. The dark place of youtube is scary. The dark place of youtube is terrifying. The dark area of youtube is horrifying. (This last sentence is rarely used:) The dark place of youtube is the source of my youtube channel material.

2. Mom: "Come downstairs." Daughter: "I can't..." Mom: "Why not?!..." Daughter: "I'm afraid that I am in...the dark place of youtube." (suspense music) Mom: "I'm sorry that you were exposed to this so early!" She says coming closer to your door, "You need to get off before..." She opens the door and finds you on the computer, watching your favorite mindless videos. "Mom, this is embarrassing." You (daughter) tell her. She shuns you. Then, she embraces you in her arms, "It's ok, everyone finds the dark place of youtube at some point. You just need to learn how to reject it." She says.
by Bc02amba9cooliocat September 30, 2017
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A place where no light can reach.
Hacker- He comes from a world beyond our world, a world where nothing is beyond him. A world where the bullies beat down the Casper milquetoastes, a dark, dark place.

Investigator- Well that's a great story, but you really haven't told me shit have you?
by The Original Agahnim January 12, 2022
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