"Dude, I hate it when people spell Stevie Ray Vaughan as Vaughn"

"Yeah, it's pretty Ghey"
by Jason February 26, 2005
Recorded the best version of Hendrix's Voodoo Child (slight return) evar.

Evar evar.
"Black Hawk down will be forever synonomous with SRV's cover of Voodoo Child. The film became infinitecimally better because of it."
by Dayv January 26, 2004
recorded an even better version of little wing. i would never say this about anything else, but he made jimi hendrix(aka god) look like a FOOL on that one!
SRV's version of "Little Wing" originally by Jimi Hendrix is the SHIT
by lydia June 1, 2004
This actually means that is not on since stevie ray vaughn is now dead, if he were alive it would be different.
"Dude is this bar on like tai wan or what?"
"No its on like stevie ray vaughn since there are no chicks here.
by real person typing stuff September 7, 2008