Når noget er træls eller irriterende
Jesper: Hov du trådte i en hundelort Jens
Jens: Aller for mig
by qubelube June 18, 2013
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a truly amazing girl, who at anytime by doing anything can make you fall in lover with her. she's one of a kind, and is deffinately one who you'll love to joke around with <3. she's got the smile that could brighten up anyone's day, and the kiss that'll leave you speechless. She's got the eye's of an angel, which aren't that hard to get lost in. She's amazing, enough said.
Holy shit, you're Aller.
by cheeeeks220 June 23, 2007
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1. A business term: To bring an expert in to fix a situation a former employee has fucked up.
2. To make a decision which is seen by the naive as a gamble, yet provides a 100% chance of survival
Eg: Roy has really left us in the shit guys, i think we should roll the aller-dice and give Sam his responsibilities.
by Architect12 July 12, 2016
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Social laissez-aller, refers to the social revolt against, and the emancipation of society from the bondage's of servitude from all felonious and illegal political associations of state. Thus within society replacing the concept of political associations with that of social institutions.
A wave of social laissez-aller has swept across the glob in every society, resulting in the ousting of the old criminal political associations, and instilling in their stead social institutions.
by Baron Neville January 22, 2016
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