Jesper is a name carried by the biggest and strongest guy in the universe. His muscles are so big that he can't even walk through a door. Jespers are the smartest people on the planet, Albert Einsteins full name was actually Albert Jesper Einstein. The massive penises possessed by Jespers put fear into his mates and love into the girls. A normal Jesper usually has 10 girlfriends.
Damn is your name Jesper? Because those are the biggest muscles I have ever seen.
by taibwo921 December 12, 2016
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Awesome, cool, epic, the emperor of awesomeness.
dude, look what an awesome thing that guy did! he can only be a Jesper.
by Jinky24 June 8, 2011
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He's a sweet and loving guy who is always there when you need him. His smile lightens up your spirits in the darkest times, and his laugh makes you want to laugh. Whenever your sad he will try to cheer you up with emotional support while giving solutions to your problem. He can also be very childish and bubbly when with friends and is smiling almost all the time, causing others to smile too. He will also share your interests in any way he can, just to make you happy in some cases. Jesper is a wonderful trustworthy friend, sweet kind hearted person who cares for others, and always thinks of others. Jesper is an amazing person, everyone should have a friend called Jesper.
William: Hey Courtney, what do you think of Jesper?
Courtney: He is and amazing guy !! And really happy we're friends.
William: Yeah you're right
by OtakuGaal October 30, 2017
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Jesper is an amazing guy that everyone would love to be friends with. He's funny, and he has a laugh so contagious that it lights up that entire room. He appears to happy all the time, but if you really get to know him, you would realize that he's actually soft inside, and can get hurt easily, just that he doesn't show it. He knows how much he can take things, and would not hesitate to confront something that is disturbing him.

Jesper is secretly admired by many, and he knows it. He might sarcastically boast about it, but deep down he stays humble, and would only go out with someone whom he's truly in love with. He understands that he should be able to trust the person to have his heart, and that person tends to be someone he'd known for years.

Anyone who has Jesper as a friend should really treasure him, and keep his trust.
1. You're such a Jesper! You're so funny!
by i'm just bored y'all February 23, 2019
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A guy who never does what he says he is going to do and always comes up with an excuse the day after for why he didn't.
"MAN, that guy hasn't gone out to the club with us the last 100 times we asked him!"
"There's a reason he's called Jesper"
by exsmasher April 6, 2018
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Totally the best, funniest and most trustworthy person among his group of six friends. Jesper totally doesn’t have ANY issues and is obviously the sanest person ever. SHUT UP KAZ I AM
Kaz: Isn’t Jesper just the best most loyal friend ever?

Mathias: Totally
by jesper-fahey September 11, 2018
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