1. Refers to intelligently investing one's wealth into something rather than spending or having expenses.

2. Putting currency in rather than out.
Nipsey Hussle said to be smart in life your mind must be at: "All money in, no money out!"
by D ReLL April 3, 2017
IN BRIEF: Getting or taking money can sometimes lead to repercussions or consequences.
DUDE#1: I gotta hit the spot.
DUDE #2: I wouldn't do that, cat. All money aint good money. Plus police out deep anyway.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 14, 2009
the assumption by marketeers, many politicians, and other slickee PEOPLE, that EVERYBODY is the "goose that laid the golden egg" !!
two thousand dollars a month for a two-bedroom apt ??...where's all this money supposed to come from ?

i'm already working 12hrs a day, six days a week at slave wages!, where's all this money supposed to come from ?

jim "pumped up" jane ! , he was wondering: where's all this money supposed to come from ? (while trying to get the $250,000 ! needed for age zero~18...)
by michael foolsley July 23, 2022
You ain’t worth a damn cent
Girl:Let me get some money for my hair!
Dude:”I was bout to ask you ,You the one with all the money
by Kidd knowledge December 3, 2020