The most expensive and highly valued award created by the website Reddit costing at 124.99 USD. Getting this award will grant you halve a year of premium membership and 5000 Reddit coins.
I got a Ternion-all-powerful in my post
by Fatal8bit October 26, 2020
The ultimate waste of money for the ultimate waste of time known as Reddit.
I got the Ternion-all-powerful Award on my Reddit post, jokes on the poor sap that spent the $125 to give it to me.
by Pvt. Blizz February 6, 2021
A name that is only officially carried by one person in the entire world. An authentic magician, who manages to make people realize their deepest potential. She is a combination of a magic wand, an unicorn and an angel, three things that we all hope exists, but deep down we question their existence. However contrary to these three magic elements she does exists. When she combines her love, honesty and intuition she creates magic dust. Thereby the name All Power.
All Power, All Glory, All Praises to your name
by What Platons it sokrates March 27, 2017
What you say when something is too powerful

Bob: He can pick all the boogers in his nose out very fast without anyone noticing

Joe: No one man should have all that power

Steve: The battery lasts for 10 years while left on

Akmed: No one man should have all that power

Dan: He can stand backwards from the toiet and piss up over behind himself and right into the toilet.

Bob: Damn, no one man should have all that power
by TacticalTaco42069 February 9, 2019