A term for all kinds of lives, that not just white people should use. The term goes for white lives, black lives, blue lives, and all other kinds of lives.

Warning: if you go by all live matters, And your racist, sexist, transphobic, and what not, your nothing more than but a dumb hypocrite. STOP ABUSING THE TERM!

Freestyle Speech: And black lives matter, can't just ask for help from all people, instead of rioting. This may not be a nice world, but you can be nice. You don't have to sink to a bad persons level of anything. We all need to help each other, not split each other into groups. Protesting is meaningless, rioting is childish, it's all a waste of time when you can ask for help, and help others in return. We are all family, nothing more, nothing less.
Rick is black, ulrich is white

Rick: bruh, black lives matter, racist.
Ulrich: I don't say the n word, or do racist things, besides "all lives matter" includes black along with all other lives. I dont understand the negativity here, Rick.
Rick: Oh... Oh man. Look, Ulrich, I'm sorry, man. It's just the internet and media, I just fell for the lies.
Ulrich: Don't worry, man. It's not your fault, it's the media.
by Ocean of Love November 24, 2016
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the idea that all individuals are matter. all lives matter rejects the idiotic concept that people should be placed into categories and that being a certain sex or skin color automatically decides your future. obviously #alllivesmatter isnt against black lives matter because how the fuck would black lives not matter if ALL lives matter. people who believe all lives matter is against black lives matter usually have some sort of mental disorder, usually liberalism.
Bob: All lives matter, not just black lives. Stop placing African Americans into this subcategory where they are glorified for their skin color.
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I often see whites wearing shirts that say, " black lives matter."

However I've never seen a black where a-shirt that says, "White Lives Matter."

I think they would be offended if they saw a shirt, " White lives matter."

What happened to the equal opportunity Act."

"All lives matter."
I never see an African American wearing a shirt that says , white lives matter . I wonder why they don't wear a shirt that says all lives matter. Do you think people should wear a shirt that says all lives matter to ensure equal opportunity?
by BipolarBarbi May 06, 2018
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A hashtag often used to shut down Black Lives Matter. They hold no rallies. Hold no protests. They only show up when Black Lives Matter does when there's a case of police brutality. People who use it are typically white Conservatives or liberals. Coons often times use it too.
"All Lives Matter you racist niggers. Let's kick them out of the country!"
by ProlifiX March 18, 2016
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A racist hypocritical response to the Black Lives Matter campaign. At a cancer fundraiser, you don't go hold up a sign that says "There are other diseases too!". If a house was on fire, you don't take the firehouse and spray it on a stable house saying "All houses matter". That is literally what y'all are doing with this "All lives matter" bullshit.
We never said "only black lives matter" that was the media, not us.
The truth is, we do know that all lives matter.
But we need to keep preaching Black lives Matter, as blacks' lives are in danger.
by T. Faller January 11, 2016
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Something white people made up becasue they felt personally attacked by BLM and they're not used to anything not including them as the good guy so they just couldn't be having that lmao
Uneducated Conservatives: Well, as you can see, the african american libtards are at it again with the white racism, this is why we must support All Lives Matter and support our president Donald J. Trump as he will save this country find a cure for liberalism!
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by teryakiwhitericelilbitch September 22, 2018
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