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1. A very genteel older English gentleman.
2. The mythical male creature with manners and dignity, the single entity that thinks with the brain between their ears.

3. Alistaire- female: A girl who, while being feminine, has then inner steel of a tough gritty guy.
1. I met Alistaire in the rose garden, and we strolled hand in hand amongst the flowers. He was a perfect gentleman.

2. Turns out, *insert all teenage boys here* was just trying to get in my pants. I wish he was more of an Alistaire, and not such a poser creeper.

3. Geez, Alistaire can fix a motercycle, deal when her dad ruins her life, and put up with the worlds worst gangster boyfriend. She still looks better in a dress than anyone I know.
by hopelesscause October 14, 2009
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