The act of riding on a motercycle, naked, in the rain as a thrilling method of bathing.
"Hey man, you wanna use the shower after me?"

"No thanks, it's raining. l'll go out for a motercycle shower. Gas is cheaper than the water bill."
by Carpool_Tunnel May 26, 2020
A phrase used to trick young girls into sucking your wiener in a shed. It works, even if you don't have a motorcycle.
Guy: "Hey, want to see my motercycle?"
Girl: "Uhhh, I guess so..."
by creepedoutttt June 27, 2010
1. A Very Good, if slightly greasy, band.
2. Marlon Brandos Gand In 'the wild one'
'brmc rule'
by Bodmin-zer0 November 17, 2003
a moterized bike
can i ride your motercycle?
by crystaldreamer12 September 16, 2021