Cutest girl on earth and you always want to stay with her. You want to save her someday and show you like her but you just can't.
William: Do you know Alison? She is So CUTE!!!
Max: I know right? She is awesome! I always want to be with her.
William: She is so cute and I think she likes me!
Max: No fair!
by 6B AWESOMENESS December 20, 2017
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A great lady with a great personality. She is a beautiful girl with a great singing voice. She has so much talent and confidence. She would make a great girlfriend and is a boss ass bitch to all bullies.
Your sooo Alison!
by Urban dictionary xoxo January 17, 2018
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Alison is a girl with morals and is a great remodel. She's the girl that your parents can safely say they're glad you found. She sometimes keeps to herself and sticks to her own good judgement because she doesn't want to get hurt. She shares her joy and kindness to the world but hides her tears. She's the kind of girl that makes you feel good about yourself and never brings anyone down. She's nice to everyone and makes your heart skip a beat when you see her. Her kisses always bring you happiness regardless of how your feeling. She's someone who your constantly thinking about and brings a smile to your face just by the thought of her. She's absolutely beautiful in every way. If you manage to be her man your a very lucky guy. Get to know her she brings out the best in everyone and always has a helping hand. Usually has only a few close friends although she's sweet and respects everyone she's afraid to get overly involved and can have trust issues.
Guy 1 : "I'm so ticked off right now, I wish I had someone to talk to and truly love that I can trust."

Guy # 2: "It seems to me like you need to find an Alison."
by MaxxxD October 4, 2011
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If you have an Alison as a best friend you are lucky. They are the funniest, most athletic, gorgeous person you will ever meet. You will be able to tell them every thing without worrying and them telling anyone. They will have your back no matter what happens between you. Alison's are especially good at sports. They can Basicly do anything that they try. If you have an Allison as your bestfriend your are lucky
Alison stayed all night when I cried
by 20basketball December 18, 2014
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A beautiful, hott, sexy girl. One who thinks she is not pretty but is the most gorgeous person ive ever seen. she will one day end up with all she ever dreamed of, because she didnt take advantage of what she had when she was younger.
damn i want an Alison!!
by The (1) April 18, 2006
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Alison is a fun-loving, honest girl, who loves to be with people that truly love and understand her. She's usually a brunette, blonde or ginger with beautiful eyes that make you melt. You can trust her with absolutely anything. Alison is an amazing girlfriend to all of her lovers. She's never one to cheat and she will always tell you her honest feelings about anything. Alisons are very independent and keep things real. Never puts anyone down she can have a bad temper and knows how to make u cry although she never would. Shes can arouse you with her body and steal your heart without even intending to. She always means well and is very righteous. She spends her time searching for love she so desperatly longs for, and constantly gets her heart broken. Sometimes she makes mistakes but ones you can always forgive just because you love her that much and could never loose her shes the type of girl you want to hold in your arms and protect her from everything and everyone. She looks and acts like an angel because she is such a sweetheart, and a believer. She always has your back. She puts everyone before herself and always tries to help everyone and push her own feelings aside. You will love her theres noone else worth it, shes simply perfect so loveable, beautiful and curvacious also very passionate, thoughtful and faithful. They have child like innocence although they can be very vulnerable and sexual lovers. Also are very successful and ambitious.
"Just think of that girl you dream about, the girl you wish you could call your own."

An Alison
by MaxxxD September 11, 2011
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Often viewed as an Angelic or Divine being.

Can be found assuming the role of Mother figure in many social circles.
Legend suggests that Alison radiates holy light, while there is no conclusive evidence to support this, countless eye witnesses have reported on a blinding white light followed by the feeling of tranquility and euphoria when encountering Alison.
All was darkness until Alison's presence was felt.
by unselected January 19, 2017
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