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Alina. The kindest soul you'll ever meet. If you're lucky enough to meet her. You'll tear yourself apart trying to get her to love you though. She will do everything to make you smile, and usually triumphs, but it will pain you to even think for a second she may not ever love you the same as you love her. She's very intelligent though she may not admit to it, and loves nature. She loves healthy snacks, and picnics. She enjoys the arts, and everything spiritual (not necessarily religious). She enjoys company, especially animals. She enjoys some sports but not always. She loves to be active but will be perfectly content to just hang out on a sofa and chill out amongst friends. Very friendly, and very sweet. Almost never angry-or at least never shows it. Kinda crazy, and you'll hope she'll always be, because it looks great on her. She has a way with words without always having her way with words. She's too cool for this generation. She dabbles in all things awesome. Listens to the best music, and is super funny. Kinda goofy, kinda clumsy, and always fun to be around no matter what the activity. She's absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Enjoys change-within reason. Has a great passion, but may need guidance to find that passion. And you can only dream that passion is you.
Man to Brain: Hey, that Alina girl is soo cool. I wish I could talk to her. But I'd fall in love.
Brain to Man: You already have.
by Jujube September 30, 2012
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If you got yourself an Alina you are by far the luckiest guy in the world,she's radiant and you would do anything to see her smile.
Alina's are highly gifted, spiritual, creative,talented and very beautiful creatures,she shines out life,light,joy,love and has everything to do with beauty radiating from the inside and out.
She is the one to go to when comfort, advice is needed or a helping hand.
Alina's love chocolate, originality, nature, stargazing and reading

Alina cries only at night alone or to the one she wants to be at her weakest with,if you are very that person consider yourself lucky.

Never lie to an Alina. You will deeply regret it.
Once an Alina is hurt, she forgives but never forgets, the hostility will always be there unless you try really hard to show her that you want to be on her best side.
Do not fight with an Alina,she can be a riot, is wise and has a way with words.
Alina is an observer, so if you think you are observing her she is in fact observing you.
Alina's have a hard time controlling their temper once you have stepped on their toes.their words are harsh and can make you or break you,which is her biggest flaw.
Alina's intimate moments are extremely hot,wild and sexy,she bites and scratches at times.
If you have an Alina show her off.
treat her right and love her with everything you've got because i lost my Alina,the sunshine left my life.My life is dark now.<For short: Alina is a cousin of god, hold on to your Alina like sunlight>
Cory: Hey look there's Alina
Eric: My day just got alot better man
Cory: You like her? Does she know?
Eric: No, not yet. She'll be my wife one day
Cory: Damn now i got competition
by Surfboy23 September 13, 2013
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Alina's always no what to say if your are down. Everyone who knows an Alina is a lucky person. They are crazy, funny, and have a great personality. They are super loud but that is a thing to love. Many people may reject her as a friend, but those people are missing out on a great girl. if you are friends with an Alina, tell her she is awesome because most Alina's are. Being friends wiht an alina is complicated but worth it, they can be the awesome kind of childish and that is another reason to love them. An alina will make anyone laugh and wipe a frown off there face. Alinas can be shy at first but when you no them long enough, they will be the best type of crazy in the world. Alinas can scare away any mean guy and attract any nice one. These girls are the best of friends and very rare, so if you know one, never let her go. Alina's are about one of the best friends/girlfriends you can ever find!!!!!
Scott: that girl over there is weird, i don't like her
Julia: that girls name is Alina and she is one of my best friends, if you get to know her you will regret what you said!
by kitkat223 July 24, 2013
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(adj) To be singularly and thoroughly beautiful in every way; to be outwardly attractive as well as inwardly kind, humorous, generous, intelligent, and very trolly.
-"Man, I met this girl yesterday and she's so alina!"
-"Sac up and ask her on a date; Someone who's alina doesn't come around very often."
by vmoney June 09, 2012
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By far the reason why i am the luckiest guy in the world!
You are with Alina? Damn, you're one lucky cat!
by nateismeantome March 02, 2004
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Alina's are far the best type of creatures in the world. Their skin color changes with the seasons, AND THEY HAVE THE MOST CONTAGIOUS SMILE EVER and they hate bitches, meaning they'll stab a hoe. So don't mess with them.
Alina's like to spend the time in the sun, So if you have an Alina, Be sure to spend all your time in the sun with her, and I'm only saying her.. cause I've never came across a male Alina.

Alina's like chocolate, and affection. So be sure to give them both. Not because you HAVE too. But because you want too. Alina's are veryy easy to keep happy. Just don't be too hard on them, and they'll love you right back. Also whatever mood youre in will rub off on them, So always be happy (Note. Not because you have too, but because you want too) No one like fakers.
Now you know all the steps to caring for your new Alina!
Remember, Alina's are the most beautiful things on the planet and they will straight up leave your ass if you make them unhappy. Therefore, Treat your Alina right, And you shall live a long happy life with her.
Man 1: SHITSON! You got an Alina
Man 2: Aweeyeah...

Man 1: -Jealous..-
by Rick James Moofuckaaa June 12, 2011
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This is one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Alina is always very crazy and quite weird. She likes inappropriate stuff and makes dirty jokes. She never says the word 'no' and will always give boys chances. She is extremely bubbly and ALWAYS makes new friends. She is a person who will change your life. She will always feel bad for no apparent reason. She is ALWAYS on her phone! She thinks she isn't sporty, but sport is in her blood. She is probably on of the most fit person you have ever known!
She is great at languages, especially English, which is very common and is a very social person. She never cares about how she looks and rarely showers. When she does shower, she does it well. She is very beautiful but doesn't think highly of herself and is very insecure. She never lets looks get in her way though. She is always very generous and always gives rather than accepts gifts. She is absolutely amazing at singing and dancing. Music is her life. She will be a person who plays many many many instruments. She is very rich and comes from a great family who respects god, even though her family preaches and believes she doesn't really believe or care. She can get annoying but you gotta love her! She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! She is EXTREMELY brave and loves everyone! Literally everyone. She is the love of my life. I love you ALina. I know you're reading this my love.
by feelingmyself June 24, 2015
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