A pretty brunette, shes the hottest in her class and every guy wants her. She sometimes has curly hair but likes it straight.
Guy 1: Woah look at Alii today!
Guy 2: I know! Shes so pretty.
by MeBeingMe May 31, 2011
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Normally, A short , strawberry blonde girl. She a girl that loves to be around people, she will say hello to anyone, Alii is very outgoing , she can be very random at times, and doesn't care what people think about her, she knows she beautiful no-one needs to tell her, if you ever need someone to talk to shes always there,
by Countryy101 November 19, 2012
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Aliy is a very pretty girl, she gets called hoe and whore all the time but she’s still a very hot girl🥵 She’s very attractive and so sweet. Gets bullied everyday but Aliy still stands up for her self. Aliy has lots of friends, Aliys very smart, Aliy knows how to throw it back😏. If you know a girl named Aliy your in luck, cause you will never lose her unless you call her names.
Guy 1: Woah Aliys so hot!! I wish I was dating her, to bad she’s a hoe
Guy 2: Go ask her out she’d probably say yes
by kylie_godss December 6, 2019
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agreeing with someone when they are saying something
katie says," wasn't that guy like really buff".
louise," aliy".
by grizzly gal September 21, 2008
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another word instead of saying "i know" or "you get me"

or instead of saying "init"
Girl: Omdz. Did u c Ricardo dis mornin'

Girl2: yeh man he wz lukin sexi bruv.

Girl: Aliie


Michelle: Nah m8, u sed he's a piff ting nd dat u lyk him.

Maria: nah i didnt. i sed he wz lukin piff bt dat stil ent gna make me like him.

Michelle: stop lieing man.

Maria: Wat! Sonia aliie i sed dat daniel wz lukin piff dis mornin-but hes tryin 2 make me lyk him nd dat it ent gonna work.

Sonia: yeh u did. I wz der ryt next 2 her Michelle.

Michelle: so was i.

Sonia: well u must be deaf den.

Maria: Aliie.
by Roodish May 21, 2008
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