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Girl ; usual of Puerto Rican race. Very gorgeous, receiving a massive amount of attention from boys. Usual asked out many times. The best girlfriend you could have. A rider. Usually has more boy friends than girl friends. A girl who can fight! Does not take shit from anyone! Very strong attitude. A girl who attracts many boys at a time. A girl that will treat her boyfriend the best and give him what he needs. A very good listener and gives great advice. Usually has blue or brown eyes. Doesn't always let out feelings. Tells everything exactly how it is; always tells the truth no matter if its good or bad. Freaky side. Won't give up to just anybody. A girl who can cook and is wifey type. Someone who is very mature for her age but is very fun at the same time. Badass at times. Also has a nice ass!
"Yo you see that fine girl over there"

"Yeah bro, that must be an Aliana"
by dedre2014 February 22, 2014
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A stunningly beautiful girl who always does her best to be kind to everyone. She is amazing at whatever she does and makes you fall in love instantly. She is an incredible role model to younger girls, helping them to be the best that they can be. If you know an Aliana, you are insanely lucky. Never under appreciate her
Isn’t Aliana just beautiful?
by Datfangirl May 28, 2018
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Hey aliana if you’re ever looking up your name in the urban dictionary you mught find this one. You are the hottest most beautiful soul I’ve ever seen. You might wanna go out with a curly headed boy, if so hit up Steven.
Damn Aliana is one pretty girl.
by vladddddd February 03, 2018
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A funny girl. Very playful with people not knowing how it affects the other person. Aliana's are usually very gay they love there own gender and no-one can really explain it. They can be cute but overall they are not the best Crayola color in the box. Not to mention can be a huge hoe at times
"Aliana's is such a hoe and is very gay"
by Killex413/Ghost December 28, 2016
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Fat rude typically a complete bit*h no booty ugliest girl you will ever meet
See that girl she is such a alianas
by Hjkirin36 September 11, 2018
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