A term used to describe people with particularly Rat-ish or unintelligent features. "Algernon's" often display such tendancies as saying "Nein" instead of no even when not in Germany or a German class.
"Hey, look at the teeth of that Algernon kid in the corner."
by sydof November 19, 2008
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A mouse that didn’t get any attention in his own fucking book so he killed himself basically doing suicide.and a damn book you’ll read in 8th grade and learn how damn painful it is too have your name in the book and not even getting attention in your own damn fucking stupid book 😡 HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT HUH
Stupid:Hey did you know about the legendary rare fire Algernon?
Algernon: Yes you bitch

Stupid: Oh ok
by Lucas Z October 19, 2019
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A small, sweet-natured but slightly retarded cat. Has eyes like those goldfish with eyes out to the sides. He is quite lovely, but very simple, and has noticable man-boobs. He likes to bite. His name cat be shortened to Algy.
"Algernon, come here so I can give you a cuddle!"

"Algernon, don't lie like that, we can see your man-boobs."

"Stop biting me, Algy!"
by Katiecorn October 19, 2008
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A book written by Daniel Keyes about a man thats mentally retarted and gets this operation that makes him smart. He has a pet mouse named Algernon that has had the same operation prior to his. A lot of the words are misspelled.
Man, our teacher is making us read a book for a book report, and I chose Flowers for Algernon. It's a great book.
by Gts976 August 29, 2007
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A fat and useless kid with a weak bladder in the game Bully also get beaten up on sight by player, bullies and jocks.
Filthy kid even tho helping him in save algie and wrong part of the town he disagrees with jimmy in stronghold assault mission i kick his ass every time i see him
guy 1-who is Algernon Papadopoulos ?
guy 2- living punching bag who is stingy and selfish and has a weak bladder
by DarkPheonix_1_1_1 July 25, 2021
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This is a situation where a person (normally female but it can happen to anybody) spends the night in a haunted house and has a consenting sexual experience with a ghost. This leaves the participate with a feeling of burning fire deep within their soul and shocks of ecstasy across the whole body. The phrase originates back to an incident that occurred in a turn of the century story The Woman's Ghost Story by Algernon Blackwood, hence doing an Algernon.
"Did you hear about Sally? She got a right Algernoning last night!" or you could change it to "She got algernoned" or

" Didn't you know? Sally had a visit from Algernon"
by Elsbethian September 21, 2021
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