-Death glare -Inappropriate jokes *play girls and play boys*
-Long lectures about 's' not looking like 's'
-Your teacher leaving the room to ask the spanish teacher how you say glass in spanish
-Random stories about your teachers life in Germany
-Playing random games that have nothing to do with what your learning
-The teacher telling you that you are all going to be working at McDonalds one day
-Getting called a kitty when you say something funny
-The teacher giving you a five minute answer to a question you didnt ask
-Making animal noises for 6 minutes
-Homework being assigned for the next day but everyone know she wont check it for week but the one day you dont do it she accually checks it on the day
-Never knowing if the teacher is joking or not *laughing when she is being serious*
-Saying you hate it but in reality its one of your favorite classes
-When you start German you get a weird get to know you sheet with odd questions like 'do you were socks when you go to bed?'
-Being alone in the middle of the room and everyone else being on the side because you are the ONLY one who doesn't know what the word translates to in English
-Getting yelled for trying get a persons attention, poking someone, making eye contact, laughing when its 'inappropriate', doodling when you should be watching a video, not participating, participating and getting the answer wrong, and not doing homework
Person 1- Dont you just hate German class?

Person 2- Oh yeah its the worst


Anne- Ich Heisse Anne!

Elizabeth- WOW anne i LOVE your GERMAN CLASS SKILLS!
by Germanclassfreak January 21, 2010
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