One who has balls of steel. Most likely a bad ass motha fucka with a cause to scape like a beast.
Damn that alfy.. when I kicked him in the nuts my foot broke and he screamed "PANIC PANIC PANIC!" and shit on my chest.
by seni0r pen0r August 02, 2009
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gay, nerdy, and gay
damn did you see that kid alfy? hes a faggot..hella made out with 7 guys in 15 minutes.
by fatbrownkid April 09, 2011
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Alfi is an amazing person that has a great sense of humor. He is so beautiful and makes everyone happy. He also likes water.
I love Alfi so much.
Yeah, me too.
by AlfiTheSlovak October 07, 2019
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A name.Alfie's are kind-hearted all through their life, they wouldn't hurt a fly(unless provoked) Alfie's always stick up for friends(even people they haven't been getting on well with)An Alfie would be the best boyfriend or friend they are, Awsome,cool,tough,caring,protective and they will allows be curious about things.Most of the time Alfie's are depressed so if you know one be Grateful you do.
Kid"Did you hear about what happened to Alfie"?
Other kid"yeah,let's go cheer him up"
by AnAwsomeGuy November 23, 2014
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A very sexy boy who can get any girl and people know him mr steal your girl and very smart boy
Alfie is sexy
by LOLXDBESTAPP January 23, 2019
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A sexy male with a large penis of which is used on many women every week, you will find he is popular with everyone but he can kick serious ass
Girl: Omg look is Alfie .
Other girl: Omg I hope we can bang😍
by JiggleWiggle63 December 04, 2017
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1. Someone who is invincible in a very cool way, and is also quite sexy, has a supernatural air about him.
Person 1: You hear he got run over by a train today?
Person 2: Yea bro i saw it, the train was mash up.
Person 1: I heard he don't even have a bruise.
Person 2: He must be an Alfie or some shit.

Eddie: Why did you ride your bicycle into a parked car?
Alfie: Its raining so I had my eyes closed...
Eddie: You're bike is screwed, how are you not dead?!
Alfie: ..I must be invincible or something.
Eddie: Oh Alfie

'No Alfie, no! You won't make it, nobody can! Its impossible!'
He looks back and smiles, 'You forget darling, Im invincible'
by thee dude May 01, 2009
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