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The most amazing man you could ever meet. Truly a life changing human being. The best boyfriend and best friend anyone could ever have. Alex is the most charming, most considerate, sweetest, funniest, most talented, and completely perfect man in the world. Alex is sheltering, comforting, protective, generous, and loving. Alex is the most handsome man to ever exist. Alex can make you fall in love with him all over again each day no matter how many days you spend with him, and you'd surely never grow tired of him. Alex is just flawless. You may say he has flaws, but they aren't flaws if you love them, and you will love every single thing about Alex. Alex does tend to fuck shit up with how adventuresome, energetic, brave, and curious he is-- but that's what makes Alex, Alex.
by laurenjbro July 18, 2012
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A very rare predator

Instructions for Your Alex:

1) Love your Alex, they are very loyal and affectionate creatures...except when given sugar, then they can become slightly agressive. Be wary of this. And its probably best to buy a large cage just in case.

2) Give them a lot of care and attention, otherwise they could turn against you, and possibly eat you.

3) Ensure to let them out at least 5 times a day...they tend to urinate frequently.

Available at Argos, ASDA, Debenhams and other selected stores today!
Greg: Hey man, I bought an Alex yesterday! How's yours?
Craig: Dead. I forgot to water it.
Greg: Dead?
Craig: Dead.
...*casually walk away*
by GGGGreg March 25, 2011
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Someone that is of extreme greatness. Often considered as a god in some religions. Also means cool.
Girl: yeah he is sooo Alex
by wakage September 18, 2007
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You will never forget this guy.
He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet.
He will stick by your side no matter what.
Has a beautiful smile.
Is sweet, funny, kind, a gentleman, lover, smart, everyone loves him.
Ladies man.
Best boyfriend ever.
Great cuddler.
Will turn your world upside down.
Thinks ahead of time.
Always on time.
Great listener.
Very friendly.
If you get him mad he will turn into a hardass.
I Love him <3
"Alex is such a great guy"
by omgbutter December 26, 2011
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The sweetest person you will ever meet. He is so amazing. He's fun to talk to and he'll always leave you with a smile on your face. Usually very funny and he'll always make you happy even when you're really sad. He may not seem like a complex person at first, but believe me, he is!
by itsaholiday January 07, 2010
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The most sweetest and genuine person you'll ever meet. Everyone loves him and people can never get mad at him. He is an outgoing person, funny, caring, intimate, and he may not be as sexy as others. But he does give you butterflies in your stomach. It is hard for him to find the right girl because other girls look pass him. But any girl will be lucky to have him.
Thank you so much for this Alex.
by lolue November 07, 2010
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A gentlemanly, with a strange sense of humor. Taller than average, broad-shouldered and muscularly built. An Alex is athletic and intelligent, has strange habits and quirks. If you piss him off he'll beat you to a jelly, but if he likes you he'll beat someone to a jelly for you. He's good with weapons, mainly knives and rifles. Soldier's physique.
Girl: yeah he is sooo Alex
by FightinFubijar August 15, 2010
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