A really good shag or, alternatively, A really loving person who has a huge penis through no fault of their own. A wonderful person to have around. Just plain sexy. That's Alex for you.
Alex was amazing last night, and every other night for that matter.
by tsukikocybergoth July 06, 2011
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The most sweetest and genuine person you'll ever meet. Everyone loves him and people can never get mad at him. He is an outgoing person, funny, caring, intimate, and he may not be as sexy as others. But he does give you butterflies in your stomach. It is hard for him to find the right girl because other girls look pass him. But any girl will be lucky to have him.
Thank you so much for this Alex.
by lolue November 07, 2010
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The sweetest person you will ever meet. He is so amazing. He's fun to talk to and he'll always leave you with a smile on your face. Usually very funny and he'll always make you happy even when you're really sad. He may not seem like a complex person at first, but believe me, he is!
by itsaholiday January 07, 2010
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alex is sometimes a girl but in this case is a boy,
He is so sweet,always pays attention, is always there for you, and never wants to let you go. He lives far away from you so you dont get to see him, but he is truly a keeper. Dont ever talk bad about him because he has only said good things about you. He thinks you are gorgeous even though you dont think so. You are in love with him and have either told him or are waiting to tell him.
love boy sweet keeper alex
by Tobecontinued.. January 07, 2012
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What scientists use to define pure, concentrated awesomeness. People sometimes go blind due to the exposure. As intelligent as Albert Einstein, and can fight like Bruce Lee. An unstoppable force/juggernaut, and cannot be killed by mere mortals. The only force on earth comparable and considered equal, are that of an Iain.
Person #1: Excuse me, but are you an Alex?

Person #2: Why yes, I am.

Person #1: Aaargh!!! I'm blind!!!

Person #3: (Unaffected) Hi Alex! I'm Iain.
by blazeofdetox October 22, 2009
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a male and female name:

male: funny amusing very beautiful! and sometimes a very big player. can show you how to party but sometimes can over due it.

female: a goddess! says words like bomb hella and filthy. every guy should be drooling over her. she is very funny and can always make you smile even in the worst of times.
male: oh danm! I pulled an alex last night at that party!

female: oh my god alex is the prettiest girl here i sooo want her!
by sulky lulky July 20, 2010
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the sweetest guy that you could ever hope to meet; at first he might seem like a player but after you get to know him he rocks your world; he's gorgeous and you'll fall for him within minutes
Guy: Why can't I ever get a girl?
Girl : Because you're not an Alex
by jazzy_lovez_u November 22, 2010
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