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1. Genius.

2. Male having a large member.

3. Who can hardly contain his awesomeness.
Example 1.

"Watch out for that Alejo"

Example 2.

You look like an Alejo.

Example 3.

Kim: Holy shit! Did you see that?

Martha: He must be an Alejo.

Example 4.

Move aside and let the Alejandro through.
by urbandaiz February 04, 2010
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aka my moon, bean boi, birdman, dude, my love
a person that can make your whole day just with a good morning text, who sends memes daily, makes you smile from ear to ear, cute butt, makes you feel like the luckiest person alive❤️
⚠️WARNING ⚠️: once you find one, you’ll never wanna let go!
Me: *smiles to myself*
Person: 👀 Alejo?
Me: mhmm mhmm
by chapita_bonita July 05, 2018
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