The single worst place in the United States, located in southern california right next to the Mexican Border. Completely dominated by Mexicans, hookers, drug dealers and hobos. Drug infested, extremely hot and EXTREMELY unemployed.
guy 1 : wanna go to el centro?

guy 2 : are u fucking crasy!!??
by Darian151 October 23, 2007
Filled with dumb beaners that barely graduate high school and end up going to a shitty community college called Imperial Valley College. Girls get pregnant by the age of 15 and boys get unintelligible tattoos at the age of 15. Cholos who all wear the same clothes think they're "the shit". They're mostly illegal and probably will end up nowhere in life. It is hot as fuck and it almost never rains.
Jesus : mama, its actually raining in el centro !

mexican mom : hurry, get the buckets! we don't want free water going to waste!
by ysuds12341 August 21, 2014
The worst fucking place to live in california.

Full of mexicans and girls who are sluts, also known to have massive amount of pregnant teens throughout the city.
Jose: I hate my life in this heat!

Slut: Hey jose you wanna have sex?

Jose: Ya sure lets have a baby at age 17 in El Centro!
by Just another guy... July 19, 2011
By far one of the world shitholes and hellholes in america.
El Centro is one of the worst shitholes and hellholes in the history of america that i sadly have to live in.