A serious medical condition which presents itself after a person drinks too much, should not be taken lightly and should instead be taken directly to the emergency room, drunk is different than alcohol posing the way to recognize the difference is one is coherent and the other is not, if someone has alcohol poisoning it is important to make sure they don’t stop breathing and that they don’t choke on their own vomit
Girl: I think he has alcohol poisoning

Boy: He’s just drunk he’ll be fine

*12 hours later*

Girl: He isn’t breathing and he’s cold I fucking told you he had alcohol poisoning don’t just stand there call 911
by GayCloud June 25, 2018
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Is what my friend Charles got after 15 shots of wild turkey in 2 hours. Puking is usually consistent for upwards of 6 hours, accompanied by shirtless grunting and dry heaves. Following that is a period of delusional, semi-coherent bouts of swearing, and culminating with an attempt to crawl into my bed. which was denied. Recommendations are to not drink 15 shots of wild turkey, ever. Especially the day before your first server training shift at Olive Garden.
Sorry for spilling your Fettucini Italiano all over your face, ma'am. I got alcohol poisoning.
by hey. there. shittyshittyfagfag January 22, 2009
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What you get when you try to drink eighty straight vodkas
I heard of a guy that tried to break the drinking record and he got alcohol poisoning after the fourth bottle
by pro2a July 16, 2020
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