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We went down to the bodega, and the corners were all crowded with rent boys looking for guap
by pro2a July 16, 2020
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A political party that is better than the democrat party. Generally made of conservatives, liberals have probably gotten you to believe we’re all racist Karen inbreeding bible thumpingfreaks and the spawn of the devil. Guess what? We’re normal people! Some of us are Black. Some of us are gay. Some of us are Hispanic. Some of us are Muslim. Some of us are even transgender! Sure, we do have our share of racists, fundamentalist nut jobs, homophobes, delusional conspiracy theorists, and general nutters, but so do the liberals!

Some things we believe in are:

Freedom and liberty

Less gun control
Less taxes
Respect the flag

Hard work
Smaller government


Does that sound like an evil QAnon weirdo to you?
I am a Republican, and I am a proud American. I like a lot of the same things you like, and most of the hate on us is thanks to the communist liberal agenda
by pro2a March 19, 2021
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A brand of brown powder heroin, sold online and on the street.
When the coppers busted us, they jacked eight grams of Rolls-Royce, three roaches, and some papers
by pro2a July 15, 2020
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Formerly an ear dildo, now a very long one is used as a nose dildo. You get sick, and then go to a space repurposed in an emergency setting with lots of other sick people, and then someone dressed for a major surgery takes a giant one three times the length of a regular one, and sticks it way farther up than your nose than your nose can handle. It's called a covid test, and, yes, its actually legal.
I had to go get a covid test on Wednesday, what a waste of Q tips
by pro2a February 13, 2021
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What you get when you try to drink eighty straight vodkas
I heard of a guy that tried to break the drinking record and he got alcohol poisoning after the fourth bottle
by pro2a July 16, 2020
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Heroin eyes. When the dude you’re hangin out with has been banging up dope and his pupils are really tiny. (Or, you, if you’re not too high to look in a mirror)
He jumped out at the red light to cop, and next time we saw him he was bombed as hell with H-eyes
by pro2a July 22, 2020
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A man who was brutally murdered by Derek Chauvin, a racist asshole cop, and three other racist asshole cops for no reason other than “he tried to pass a counterfeit $20”! Minor misdemeanor! Real reason is, he was black. And Chauvin was a racist asshole who deserves to get a jail sentence of 10000000000000000 years or death penalty. After he was killed that sparked international race riots and started a new anti racist movement

#BlackLivesMatter #Defund #GeorgeFloyd
“Did you hear about George Floyd’s murder?” “Yeah, it’s horrible” “Those racist pigs should never have been cops in the first place “
by pro2a July 13, 2020
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