Alam is of Arabic origin. It means the world or universe.
by EinsteinKnowledge September 9, 2016
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The name of a boy who is very intelligent. Who likes very nerdy things like pokemon and star wars. But not only does he have brains but he also has the biggest heart. He can be such a sweetheart that u want him to be yours. When he is yours u feel like the luckiest girl ever. Very ideal for a boyfriend. Isn't the hottest guy ever but he definitely has good looks. Can be very perverted. Can also be the best guy friend u can ever have. Very supportive and a great listener. Not necessarily a leader but not a follower either. Someone who is unique so this definition may not be accurate because everyone is unique in their own way.
Alam Monsivaiz
by Gracy Stacy March 10, 2012
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The name of a boy who is simply amazing. He is the kind of boy that all the girls want. He is super sweet. The sound of his voice will put you at ease. The way he says your name will make you melt inside. He is super talented at everything he does. He is smart and witty. He listens really hard to what you have to say. He never judges you. He is damn sexy and handsome. His jokes make you smile. He can be a butthead sometimes, but you will still love him. ;) He is the most perfect boy in the world and you will never ever ever find another guy like him.
MY boyfriend, Alam, is my soulmate.
by coop6293 December 11, 2010
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Alam is very intelligent and well oriented middle aged man. He is a man of focus, power and great personality. He always lookout for himself. He does not allow stupidity around him. He is very loyal and wants to help others. When he is the king of his own world. Alone most of the time but is not scared of being around people.
We all need Alam around us
by yourmomonmybed November 22, 2021
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The smallest measurable unit of caring. An alam is to a rat's ass as a rat's ass is to exuberance.
"I couldn't give an alam about going to that baseball game."
by Alan Richards August 28, 2007
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Rioters have no idea what socialism really is because ALAM.
by WordCom July 6, 2020
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alam; #alam : hashtag standing for AlwaysLikeAMovie. Tag moments and pictures of your days lived like Dan Bilzerian but without pussies and bentleys and cats and guns. Non-douche non-fag version of YOLO.
receiving a head meanwhile driving after a non-sense roadtrip. #alam

when you cant wait to be ashamed of what you did this weekend #alam
by nicptr July 8, 2014
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