A person who resides within the boundaries of the greatest state in these United States of America.
I have been an Alabamian my entire life and Roll Tide Roll!
by Kevin's Hero May 8, 2009
A motherfucker who has incest.
Yo! Did you know that white girl down the street is an Alabamian?
That's fucking disgusting!
by motherfucker_that.died March 24, 2020
If two or more people that possess certain reminiscences regarding to their genetical identities, or to be less puzzling, their heredity, coitate eachother.
Billy: Accent of a Southerner Ayo, Aa'm from Ealabeama (Alabama - the state whose particular stereotypes have initialized me of writing this article) and Aa just had some a' the more delicate stuff with ma' sister.

Joseph: So ya' had Alabamianism?
by sublimed sex technique January 5, 2021
They fuck their sisters knowing its incest
The Alabamians fuck their sisters knowing its incest
by Radge is indian69 May 16, 2019
The act of shitting into a girl's vagina, and eating it back out
Bro #1: "yo I just broke up wit my girl cuz she wanted me to give her an Alabamian Hotpocket"
Bro #2: "shit sucks bro"
by DCI_Guy July 14, 2017
Did you see the new Alabamian fuck that they just transferred here?
by Alabamian fuck 死人 October 6, 2019
Someone who has sex with their sister on top of a confederate flag
Jimmy, when did you say you became an Alabamian flagbearer again?
by Negroratory mammal July 5, 2019