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A cryptographic and fictional language where one letter is translated to another in english. Al bhed is from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 and also referred to as the people who speak Al Bhed, simply called "Al Bheds"
From English to Al Bhed: A = Y, B = P, C = L, D = T, E = A, F = V, G = K, H = R, I = E, J = Z, K = G, L = M, M = S, N = H, O = U, P = B, Q = X, R = N,S = C, T = D, U = I, V = J, W = F, X = Q, Y = O, Z = W
by gydro January 15, 2007
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Al Bheds are a race of people in the Square Enix video games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. They are characterized by their bright green, spiraling eyes. Most often they have blonde hair. Yuna, the main character of FFX-2 is half Al Bhed, causing her to have one green eye (the other is blue). However, both of her eyes spiral. Rikku (Yuna's cousin) is full Al Bhed.
Other humans often dislike Al Bheds because of their use of machina (machines) and their open disapproval of Yevon (the main religion of the games). Al Bheds also speak thier own language, also called al bhed. It is a substitution language.. meaning one letter is substituted for another. For instance, the al bhed "a" would equal the english "e".
al bhed: "Fryd yna oui cyoehk?"

english: "What are you saying?"
by yaydietpepsi August 07, 2006
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a "language" created for a video game that big nerds like to use.
english: I'm the biggest dork in the world because I use a language made for a fantasy video game. I get no play.

al bhed: E's dra pekkacd tung eh dra funmt palyica E ica y myhkiyka syta vun y vyhdyco jetau kysa. E kad hu bmyo.
by *_*_*_*yur mom*_*_*_* January 14, 2005
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This geek was speaking in some language no body knew, because he was a FFX nerd, al bhed? W/e that means.
by shorti_model May 11, 2006
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