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Abbreviation for "you're not alone".
I see your dog died today. Sorry, man. Yna.
by RayaLoe March 20, 2016
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You're not alone
Person 1: IDK man I just am going through some tough shit
Person 2: YNA, I'm here for you
by Whatislife March 21, 2016
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An abbreviation for the words 'You're not alone'
"I'm feeling a bit sad today..."
"Don't worry, man, yna"
by Chemical Screams August 22, 2016
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Usually is an Asian name, mostly used for females. Most people who name their daughters this mostly come off a Filipino show, "Pangako Sa'yo".

Most women with this name are brunettes, they show nice curvy figures, and intelligent minds. They are beautiful from sight, and know what they want in life at times. They are so pretty in heart and in the outside, you'll love em'.

They love jokes, so make em laugh!
"Hey Yna!"
by Names10009000 April 24, 2017
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A good lover, someone who can complete someones need. Someone you won't be able to resist. Irresistible.
You cant say no to a pleasure machine,like yna
by Dickface69 May 15, 2008
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Sam says "i hit my mom last night
Billy says to sam " Sam your so bad ynas.
by jmr082292 March 24, 2008
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