Akt means all kinda thing. Its a Caribbean slang
I did like she akt!
by suckmibalzz_14 November 11, 2022
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I akt: it is short for I already knew this or i already knew that
bob: you know, you should really get a new car.
Dud: I akt
by enggee5 August 6, 2011
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Just a guy who made nice Undertale and Deltarune content. You should watch him. He is also a handsome guy. I'm not joking. He is very very handsome.
Person 1: Who are you watching?
Person 2: Akt ATK.
Person 1: Who is he?
Person 2: A handsome guy. I'm not joking.
by VaiCaDep0893 January 3, 2022
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A form of hatred greater in intensity than the original definition of the word. The raw hostility fills the akter to a point where his words are no longer coherent through typing: in attempts to convey his anger, the typist instead writes "akte" rather than "hate." Or it could be a result of sheer drunkenness.

The structure of the word can be varied, as there is a multitude of potential words formed by letters adjacent to the key originally intended, or a mixed order of letters pertaining to the original word.
"I akte yuo. Og to ehll. Im nto dunrk, but fi i ma , ist ur fsult."

"I don't hate her, i akte her."

Akters gonna akte.
by Supershoe42 November 9, 2011
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Thijs Faber. Waarvan akte.
Thijs Faber on Twitter:
Waarvan akte.
Was ondertekend, Thijs Faber. Waarvan akte.
by Sterink November 6, 2020
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