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a certain type of people who are mentally challenged. They have no real support in life and usually end up licking their private parts for sexual arousing. They are special in the sense they can be very stupid most of the times but are good people in the heart. They love to talk rubbish to others and act as if they control things around the place whether it be at home or outside. They also like to listen to music which helps them to suck on their toe nails. They have a freakishly large nose and more commonly have hearing problems. Some have to get medication for the over regulation of the Integrumentary System which causes excessive hair growth. They also tend to be very lacking on body fat because they consider themselves being fat when they are actually jeopardizing this own health by trying to look attractive to other male and female.
Dude, that is such a Akii
by WhiteCastleyeehoo February 03, 2011
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