(Noun) Deep rooted. Akif stands for Righteousness, Passion and Single mindedness. Determination is natural and potential is limitless.
Akif .. Poets like Iqbal, Writers like J.R.R Tolkien, Actors like Johnny Depp, Businessmen like Steve Jobs.
by Returning Boomerang November 9, 2010
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Akif is a curly-headed cutie, he is the literal embodiment of God's finest creation. With olive-brown skin, and rich hematite eyes rimmed with obsidian black reflected from his hair, he captivates the divine beauty within the mirror. Despite the mindset birthed from Narcissus, his care for others encapsulates his conceitedness, presenting himself as nothing else but a true friend. His craving for power may seem insensitive, but his determination will only allow him to bloom like Hyacinthus and shine bright like Apollo's light. Akif is someone you never want to fall out with because, in due time, he will bring only good news to you. A friend of Akif's is a friend of happiness and progression. The future is dim without his light.
by awriterinthedark April 15, 2020
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he's an seggsy smeggsy guy he's so fucking tall it makes girls legit cum he's also an very very very very very very cool guy
Girl1: omg is that Akif *cums* h-he's so handsome *cums even more*
Girl2: *cums a lot* Akif come here daddy
by 6_PussySlayer_9 November 1, 2021
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Muhammad Ali once said …”The personality of a person, the ways of a person, the thoughts, the deeds, the actions, it's all based around his heart. For what is a man? A man is his heart. A lying cheating heart means a lying cheating man. A loving merciful heart means a loving merciful man.

A living heart means a living man. A dead heart means a dead man. Regardless to man’s title, regardless to man’s wealth, rank or position, if the heart is not great then he cannot be great. But if the heart is great that man remains great under all circumstances, rich or poor, large or small, so does the heart that makes one large or small.”

Akif is an unparalleled loving and loyal heart.
by a man with a heart March 21, 2022
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Akif is a handsome and smart man with his secrets ways to please a woman. He is very lucky but doesn't leave his choices to chance. He is also the type of person who would deny his friends when they need help; he doesn't care. He might steal their money and not give it back for months, and he doesn't even spend it. He has two sides, one honorable, and the other not that much.
Akif always says it is not his business when I ask for help on my school work.
by NibbaG November 21, 2021
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Is someone with a very very VERY small cock. Lady repeller and is disliked by almost everyone.
Damn, akif does have a small cock.
by Vina sky November 22, 2021
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