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Someone who likes nice hugs, and dislikes being under the sun too much. Has a complex mind; is probably mad or misunderstood. Can be too spontaneous.

Can cook really well and has eyebrows worth dying for. Likes to talk a lot too. Akarsha means Attraction in its native language. Can be annoying but very lovable.
I wish I had an Akarsha in my life.

Why is Akarsha like that?

Akarsha? Boy or Girl?

Akarsha please come back

Akarsha please go away

Do my eyebrows like Akarsha
by Violating Annihilator May 30, 2018
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a great man with a giant heart, he always eats curry and loves disney. he sheds a ton and is allergic to cat fur & nuts. he typically never shows his legs becuase they are too hairy.
Wow, Akarsha you need to tell your hubby how beautiful she is.
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by akarshashubby February 14, 2018
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A disney addicted woman, typically with a brother named Aahil and a best friend named Sarah. I mean it’s obviously always like that, obviously. Brick plays a giant part in her day to day life. Akarshas typically have zebra colored curtains in their room, and love doctor pepper. Also, she tends to trip a lot. Anyways akarshas are pretty great & never fail to make you laugh.
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by akarshashubby March 13, 2018
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