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Somebody who is usually loud and annoying but when getting to know then you will wish that you have already met them. They are usually somebody you can open up too and someone who never wants to see you upset. Also somebody who is loving, caring, respectful, and fun. And also has great lips and a good kisser and most likely a unexpected freak in the bed but also someone who sometimes cares too much which might make him sensative to the little things which is not always a bad trait but when it comes to joking around they sometimes can destroy the mood because they take things the wrong way and someone who no matter what will always make sure you are ok even if it means they has to give their last. Including being very outgoing ambitious and very intelligent please when meeting a ajon understand that you are meetin someone with a beautiful spirit and a very deep intellect which isnt something to take for granted. They might iver all be a very confusing person between making decisions and thoughts but trust me once getting to know them eveything about them especially their smile will make your day amazing.
β€œHe was so respectful he carried himself like ajon”
by A real ajon lover 😍 April 09, 2018
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I’m not going to try to get a better job so I can afford to start a family, I’m just lying flat.
by Freeo11 June 04, 2021
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meaning friend.
prononced Ay-jawn
hey ajon whats up girl
or short form "hey jon"

other names:
ajon, jon, jonny, jonny boy
by Ajonny November 27, 2011
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When an individual Manages to get there finger caught between there bicycles chain and there chainring/cog. pinching the finger resulting in separating the skin from the nail. this injury is common amongst Bicycle Mechanics and cyclist who carelessly try to fix or tension there chains.
i pulled "AJon" while greasing my chain. that shit still hurts
by Manny Freshh November 07, 2011
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A large Chubacca looking person that is a completely un-organized mess,They ten to have careers in HILO driving and sticker making as well.
That guy at Costco who knocked over all the carts in the Hilo looked like such A JON

by balla and smk September 14, 2007
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A Jon is a secret creep who sooks alot and talks shit about EVERYONE! he will dob himself in to the police just because he's an actual shit cunt bruh
Guy 1: alright bruh you coming for a walk lad?

Guy2: aw naaaah man its way to hot and ill get chaffing

Guy 1: dude come on cunt you're being a Jon right now let's go don't be dog

Guy 2: taaaaaaaaaawwwww fiiiinnnnneeeeee only if I can chuck a piss first and btw do you have toilet Paper?

Guy 1: why u need toilet paper cunt

Guy 2: coz im taking a piss what you mean

Guy1: your a make why you need toilet paper for a piss cunt wtf

Guy2 : I need to dab after I finish pissing what you mean!!!? Grrrrr

Guy 1: what are you on about cunt dabbing your dick after a fuxking piss wtf!!

Guy2: aw fuck off im so so angry ffs cunt grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need weed and meth NOW!!!!!!!

by AnonymoustylerB December 30, 2019
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Means 'just' or 'only' in Indonesian (slang).
"Bete Ajon"
by itsmer December 19, 2016
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