Ajared , when something has been opened, but only slightly ; not fully open.

Ajar , to leave something open slightly.
I ajared the lid, so I could take a look inside.

They only ajared the door so I could not see properly.

I left the shed door ajar and the cat got out.
by purplemagpie July 21, 2011
A person who leaves the door open all the time
Person 1: see that guy there he has ajarism

Person 2: what’s that?

Person 1: someone who leave the door open all the time
by dyl_needham June 1, 2021
When a door is neither open nor close, but ajar
Please close the door! You left it ajar!
by phivosmichaelides March 7, 2018
Code name for taking off a day of work or "working from home" in order to have intimate relations with a same sex partner at home.
I’m getting my front door painted and it needs to sit “ajar” for six hours after. This actually means that " I plan on getting jiggy with my same sex lover for 6 long hours.
by Websters1 July 19, 2006
When a door isn’t a door
Me: when is a door not a door?
Normie: I don’t know, what?
Me: when it’s ajar!!!
Normie: ..........
by asdagigafo March 14, 2018
AJAR is name for TTPCom's Application Platform for mobile (cellular) devices. It provides a user interface tool for handset developers, but also provides most of the applications needed to run a handset, including programs for spell checking, WAP browsing and camera/video applications.
You will find handsets using AJAR starting to come out at the end of 2006 and beyond.
by pmjd May 8, 2006