4 definitions by dyl_needham

When you send a friend a picture of you taking a poo
Attachment: photo

by dyl_needham August 8, 2021
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A person who leaves the door open all the time
Person 1: see that guy there he has ajarism

Person 2: what’s that?

Person 1: someone who leave the door open all the time
by dyl_needham June 1, 2021
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can't be conned
person 1: see him over he's unblagable

person 2: what does that mean

person 1:it means he can't be conned
by dyl_needham January 1, 2021
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Things that should be lest unsaid
Person 1: things should be left unsaidable

Person 2: what does that mean

Person 1: things that shouldn’t be said
by dyl_needham October 19, 2021
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