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Mar time , a predictive text misspelling of nap; to have an afternoon rest, a sleep in the afternoon.

M = my A = afternoon R = rest (coincidentally)
I am so tired, I need mar time before I have to start the dinner.

You look exhausted, go get some mar time, I will get the kids from school.

If I don't get some mar time I will never stay awake this evening at the party.
by purplemagpie July 21, 2011
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something you say after you describe something and the description is not quit right but you can't think of any other way to describe it.

A term used as an answer to something your not too bothered about either way.
I like the new bloke at work, but not like that; he is nice but I do not fancy him.

I am tired, but not like that; could sleep but can also go without.

yeh, we stuffed ourselves stupid, but not like that; we ate till we were fat, but we are not fat.

I fell and it really hurt, but not like that; you hurt yourself but it was nothing serious.

1) Do you like pop music?
2) Not like that, don't mind some stuff.

1) We are going swimming, do you like swimming?

2) Not like that, I just like chilling out by the water, not fussed.
by purplemagpie July 21, 2011
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Ajared , when something has been opened, but only slightly ; not fully open.

Ajar , to leave something open slightly.
I ajared the lid, so I could take a look inside.

They only ajared the door so I could not see properly.

I left the shed door ajar and the cat got out.
by purplemagpie July 21, 2011
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