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Ajani is an amazing guy. He is always nice. He makes sure that you are okay any day. He plays sports very well. Most of the boys are his friends and the girls are most likely all over him. If they aren't then they have to be crazy. Ajani will call himself a nerd and will always look out for you. Whether he like you are not. He is very handsome and has an amazing personality. If he isn't bilingual he knows some other language. He isn't too short or too tall. He is perfect. If you ever get an Ajani to yourself be grateful.
Wow that guy speaks Spanish and English he sounds American though and he is from Spain! No wonder why he is named Ajani!
by Ajani's Bae June 26, 2018
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A boy who always tries hard to be liked. At the top of his class and obsesses about all sorts of technology. Can be rebellious and extremely feisty. Not very fat and usually not too skinny.
Dang.... Ajani always is passing tests and hates the teacher.
by BigBoy134 June 02, 2018
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Ajani is a girl that is very sensitive but she don't care at times, she is an amazing friend. She can have a bit of an attitude sometimes.
by On their leg January 09, 2018
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A person that is very smart that takes control and is confusing and always think positive and is a retarded but hole
Ajani is a wierd person who doesn't understand s###
by khimoney May 14, 2015
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Ajani is kind thoughtfull and a well put together person. When he puts his mind to something he can achieve it but Ajani is lazy to the point he could hurt others and fail exams and in life but he probably won’t after he sees what a massive peice of s*** he becomes when is older
Ajani sucks at fortnite
by Maximum luck August 07, 2018
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