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a pretty, smart, fly girl that all the boys want. she's cool, real, and down to earth
by Coolgirl474838 January 30, 2017
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A shy but great girl, very self-concscious hates american music.
Girl 1: That aiza girl is pretty emo
Girl 2: lol your right!
by Frozen*Fire0123 November 24, 2011
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Aiza is one of the coolest Canadian's around town. She totally owns the JT and also dominates Hanes HerWay underwear company. If you looked up the word Aiza in the dictionary you would probably find the words, "great, awesome possum, wench, wifeh, totally rad, worship her or die, etc. etc." Oh just did...
"Hey man, you know that Aiza chick?" "Oh yeah, her, dude, she's so hip she can't see past her pelvis!" "d00d."

Oh Aiza, I know her... now there's a wench!
by Shaggy April 24, 2003
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A girl who doesn't even need attention cause she is too ew and gross to be mentioned but she seeks for it.

She is a very clingy girl who sticks onto everyone cause she has no friends. She picks this ONE girl to stick around with and that ONE girl doesn't even liker her.

Aiza always tries to act like the stereotypical 'mean girl' by rolling her eyes at people she dislikes. But the thing is that Aizas have no fashion so they cant be a 'mean girl.' They also stares at everyone who flicks a dirty look at them.

Person 1: Ewww, who's that freak over there?
Person 2: I dunno mate, but she's so gross just look at that stain on her poor fashion
Person 3: She must be an AIZA
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by AIZAHATER101 June 15, 2018
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Aiza is a beautiful girl with a lovely personality. She is better than keira.
Keira hey Aiza ur pretty
by Good app for the bus to come b January 19, 2018
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