A Native American name for "Forever Flowering", "Always Blooming". Although she may be short you shouldn't mess with her. She is the kindest girl you will ever meet and she is in love with sports, swimming, dancing and hanging with friends. Aiyana is a very loving girl and will always make new friends at any moment. She is beautiful in every way and will always get the boys, but at the same time she will focus on her studies. Aiyana will never let a friend down and will always have her friends back no mater what.
Bruh how is Aiyana sooooo pretty .
by ofneroijfaeroigj March 7, 2017
Aiyana is a girl that likes to laugh at a lot of things and she plays around too much. But, at other times she can be very nice and is able to relate to. A few boys secretly have a crush on Aiyana. She is a great listening ear and can be there when you need her.
"You got a problem? Go to Aiyana." "Look at Aiyana, I don't want to tell her I like her."
by blackgirlnumber2 October 19, 2019
Aiyana means " blooming flower " she is the most loyal friend. Aiyana is thick af. She will get guys and still focus on her studies. Aiyana will choose her decisions wisely. She's beautiful and caring and does not gaf about any person. Aiyana is not scared to fight if she needs to. If anyone tries to get a girlfriend they need to get a Aiyana.
That girl is fine. Well duh she's a aiyana.
by kimbyu August 19, 2017
Native American for "Forever Flowering", "Always Blooming"... a beautiful exotic name for an even more beautiful girl. A girl who is smart, sweet, beautiful, stubborn, athletic, and a true friend. Always has a smile on her face and will be a best friend to anyone she meets. Charming, witty, and compassionate... she loves animals, playing video games, scary movies, sports, and dancing... An Awesomeness of full potential and dreams....
I wish every girl could be an Aiyana... girls like that are a guys dream....
by imthatone April 4, 2010
The most beautiful girl u will ever meet! Aiyana is very charming and funny, but can also be shy. She likes hanging out with her friends and her boyfriend Kiyan! She is the perfect girl in everyway possible and if u meet an Aiyana u better hold on to her!
Person: That girl always gives me butterflies she is so perfect
Person 2: Obviously that's Aiyana
by KiyanSG September 25, 2020
Aiyana is a shy girl at first but when u get to know her she's so fun to be around . She's loud , funny , and pretty . Aiyana is the best person you'll be friends with ! She's caring , a jokester , is always there for u when u need it . She's a very hard lover to others so don't hurt her !! She's nice but also can be mean in a fun way , she can be outgoing , overall I think Aiyana's are the best
Best friend: Aiyana is the best you should really get to know her ! She's a great friend .
Person: For sure she sounds awesome !
by she2real July 8, 2022