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Aishu is an amazing and ambitious girl, and always willing to volunteer for a good cause. She's pretty, beautiful and confident- and has an AMAZING personality. Sacarstic at times, and an awesome joker. Although she's not really athletic, she loves baking, dancing and singing. Has great goals, and always thinks forward (although she's not really organised :D ) She loves her friends, and always makes them feel special. An awesome friend like no other :)
She's so lovable and easy-going! She must be an Aishu!

Is that Aishu? Cus that girl is so awesome to hang out with!
by Poppytruffle03 May 19, 2016
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Sexy ass girl,girl surrounded by men,sex god, smart girl, Caring girl, and sexy haired girl.
Who is that hot indian girl? Oh thats Aishu!
by YourMomma123456 June 06, 2011
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Aishu is a name given for Maldivian young women. They are best described as blue-eyed, short and pretty. There are many Aishus found in Maldives. But this specific type is hard to find. An Aishu described above is found in the centre of Addu City of Maldives, and that's just one. They are sometimes called as Austri-vians because of their Aussie accent.
Aishu from Addu City, her dream place is Sydney, the most vibrant city in Australia.
by Austrivillah April 27, 2012
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