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To take a dump.

Can be used at anytime to indicate that you need to empty your arse of feces.

One may also chose to add the name of either of the four following cities, to indicate the size of the shit (smallest to biggest)

1. Berlin (Carpet bomb)

2. Hanoi (Napalm)

3. Nagasaki/Hiroshima (Nuclear)
Bill : "Brb, I'm going for an air raid"

John : "Hanoi or Berlin?"

Bill : "Neither, I think it's gonna be a Nagasaki this time"
by Richi Rich July 22, 2009
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When, seconds before orgasm, you jump in the air, grab on to the ceiling fan, and attempt to skeet on her while spinning.
DeShawn: Dude, I had an amazing time last night!
Hakeem: What happened?
DeShawn: I totally pulled an Air Raid on LaBunifa last night. That skeet wont come out of her hair for weeks!
by Lemonjello!! May 28, 2008
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a shot composed of 1/2 Everclear and 1/2 Five-hour-energy.
Drunk#1- What'd you do last night?
Drunk#2- I have no idea...
Drunk#1- That figures. You were tossing back air raids and chasing them with beer and tacos.
Drunk#2- I vaguely remember thinking I was gonna die...
by 195Proof February 07, 2011
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N: air-raid
V: To air-raid
The act of a man, or in rare cases woman, placing his/her anus so that it touches a woman's vagina, and farts into it.
Ken: Hey baby, I really have to fart.
Liza: You want to give me an air-raid?
Ken: Hell no! That's disgusting!
by Aaron Johanson December 14, 2007
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the act of leaping into a person's mid section a ripping a fart as the cheeks of the ass come into contact with the other's torso
Felling extremley gassy after having so much Taco Bell, I noticed Jeff just standing there I gave him an air raid.
by Chris Benson June 17, 2006
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Similar to a drive by An air raid involves farting whilst on the move. However the farter must be on a bike. This trick is most effective when riding past bus stations and generally large crowds.
Jerry: Hey Jim did you fart?
Jim: No man but a bike just went past and the guy is laughing at us.
Jerry: Damn it must of been an air raid.
by Josus Christ June 05, 2016
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