Used to describe an event, object or person which is of little importance. Stems from the fact that chickens (at least those bred as food) have wings but can't fly, rendering the wings unimportant. Can be used in place of a reassuring "don't worry about it" statement but often used as a sarcastic retort suggesting that which is being described is really not as important as the person saying it believes
Dave: Man I can't beleive I have to work on Saturday
Steve: Hey man, it ain't no thing but a chicken wing


Dave: I got toally carved up by some d*ckhead white van at the roundabout
Steve: So? It ain't no thing but a chicken wing
by TheDirtyYoungMan December 19, 2007
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No problem. Don't worry. I/we've got this. I/we can handle this situation. This is not a major concern. This is easy. This an easier task than it appears to be. I/we know what we are doing in this situation. "This is as easy as American Pie."

{{IMPORTANT NOTE: It should be noted that this is whimsical and ironic sarcasm. The person saying this is only ironically pretending to be polite. It truly means "Get off my stinking back! You should know by now that I already know how to do this."}}
A new manager at a restaurant (to an employee at a Pizza place who has worked there for ten years): Can you make this guy's special order? It's a really strange request.

Overworked and underpaid cook to the new boss: "Ain't no thing but a chicken wing!"
by Chadifsher2423 July 31, 2017
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Kind of a non-sensical or silly reply to an insignificant idea or event. Could be used as sarcasm. Considering wings are important to chickens to say something is insignificant by calling it a chicken wing, I think, makes the statement funnier.
(While driving)
Greg: "That jackass cut me off!!"
Peter: "Ain't no thing but a chicken wing."

Jan: "I went out with John last night and I don't know if he likes me."
Marsha: "You ain't no thing but a chicken wing."
by DennyJr January 17, 2007
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