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Aim Assist is an extremely overpowered function all keyboard and mouse gamers have to go against constantly and unskilled controller players fuck them up because they have aim assist
Synonyms include: Aimbot, Hacks
Antonyms include: Skill, Trained Aim
e.g "OMG how that kid triple headshotted me when hip firing he has Aim Assist!"
by Molesgo April 02, 2020
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firmly grasping your dick with both hands when pissing to aim it.
When I piss, I never miss, because I use aim assist
by Boinkadoink September 29, 2018
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A way to help controller players aim. Aim Assist is extremely controversial. Pc players think it is overpowered and it turns out it barely works at all. Controller players say it doesn’t exist.
Pc player. “Controller player Controller player, he has aim assist
Everyone else “ what aim assist”
Controller player (turns aim assist off) ends up being absolute garbage
Pc player “ proof proof”
via giphy
by King Koconino April 05, 2020
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A Minecraft hack found in the Vape hacked client and is a modification that is "use at your own risk" according to the Hypixel staff team. Many cheaters use this cheat, especially on Hypixel ranked SkyWars.
Tenebrous: Stop using aim assist noob ur so blatant 3.4 block Reach with reach display mod and no Misplace
Stinggler: Stop with the accusations im not using Reach or Aim Assist
Tenebrous: *makes video on Stinggler*
by hibernatemc June 01, 2018
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Designed to help controller players with aiming. Without aim assist, aiming accurately on controller would be downright impossible due to the nature of deadzones, analog sticks, etc.

Aim assist is controversial as bad kbm players find it difficult to admit that their aim isn't at good as they think it is, and that some controller player aiming with a joystick beat them in a 1v1. So instead of trying to improve their aim, they say that they lost because aim assist.

It is common for these kbm players to spread misinformation about aim assist to justify their losing to controller players, such as aim assist is 'aimbot', 'reduces recoil', 'reduces bloom', and 'increases hipfire accuracy'. When these are all simply not true.
Kbm player: *Misses all of his shots and dies*

Kbm player: *Blames the fact that the opponent had aim assist and not because he sucks*
by Magic robot May 02, 2020
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This is what kbam shitters complain about constantly even if it gets nerfed u will still have 0$ earnings u absolute shitter
"AiM aSsIsT iS oP " ( nope ur just dogshit )
by m1.milo on ig May 11, 2020
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