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A type of human species that have IQ less than most of the population in Equatorial Guinea. They typically attached to Hypixel (a Minecraft server).

They will only care who feed them money.

They often mistaken legit players with hackers
Hypixel staff IQ is lower than 55!
Hypixel staff like hackers.
Hypixel staff gave me brain damage!
by Meme.skillz September 24, 2017
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Hypixel staff are one of the most retarded people ever, thinking Aim Assist is "use at your own risk" and not bannable cause cheating is legit
guy 1: Man Zuiy was a legit player!
guy 2: Bro Zuiy used aimmassist but it was use at your own risk so hes legit According to the Hypixel staff!
by faithfulbhopper132 June 25, 2018
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