A tenebrous is a type of mineman who explains things that everyone already knows. He is commonly known for the following things, hacking (in 2007), being a professional explanor, and lastly exposing hypixel helpers for not knowing the obvious. Subscribe and leave a like if you enjoyed. Also come on faithfulmc, I’m usually always on there.
I once saw a tenebrous, now I don’t see it.
by MinecraftGamer300 September 24, 2017
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Dark, gloomy, murky, difficult to understand, difficult to see through, or obscure.

Rarely, if ever seen, even in literature, considered a "Prolix" or "Verbose" word that may never be used even by the wordiest of authors.
Praise the tenebrous Cthulhu, may his name forever be spoken across the land.
by Hail Cthulhu June 26, 2011
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minecraft’s best anti cheat.
Tenebrous: Yep, nice auto clicker mother fucker.
Zuiy: *turns up music*
by Akamay July 16, 2019
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The state of being gloomy or causing gloom, in a vague (imprecisely communicated) or vaguely menacing way.
John had stayed in his room for days, scrawling tenebrous sentences like ''the darkness is coming. Nobody is safe from it. The world will never be the same again.'' He was later found dead, supposedly having committed suicide.
by WhiteWarlock May 14, 2016
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Yelling into your mic and calling it a video.
Person 1: "This is just- OHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYY!"
Person 2: "You're such a tenebrous."
by halfmemer August 31, 2017
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